I run an interdisciplinary research center, where my position is 75% administrative and 25% independent research. 100% of my work revolves around scientific research. I used to think that the tenure track was the only attractive option in academia, but now I am learning the joys of the “alternate academic” track.


6 Comments on “About”

  1. Great blog! I look forward to reading more,

  2. iamjoe says:

    Hi, I’m curious. What scientific topics do you research about?

  3. i like this..since is more than academia…

  4. Laura says:

    Reading your blog on the Chronicle- Love! I’m pursuing an alt-ac career myself and I swear some of your posts mimic my thoughts, reactions, attitudes and words regarding academia. More importantly, you provide me with words that I can’t conjure on my own to describe my position and thoughts. I have a long way to go before I land my “ideal” alt-ac job, or even one in my own discipline, but it is great to read about others experiences.

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