Is this what normal feels like?

I haven’t had seasonal allergies since I was about 13 – or at least I thought I haven’t had them – despite living in some cities with extremely high levels of allergens. My husband has crippling allergies, especially in the last place we lived, and has to take medication so he feels just sorta crappy, which is a vast improvement over how he feels without them.

This spring, here in our new city, I’ve been feeling a bit tired and rundown and headachy. Spouse was pretty sure it was allergies, but I wasn’t convinced. Finally, last night I took an Allegra for the first time.

Holy crap!! Is this what normal, not-sick people feel like every day? It’s fucking amazing! I woke up half an hour before the alarm went off this morning, happy and full of energy. I don’t even recognize myself.


2 Comments on “Is this what normal feels like?”

  1. Angela says:

    That’s what happens to me after I skip my allergy medicine for a few days and then start taking it again. Sadly, in my experience, it wears off after a few days.

  2. Yeah. I was afraid of that. Sad.

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