Living in the moment in the field

It happens every year. I spend weeks or months planning and looking forward to my fieldwork, and then as soon as I get there I start counting the days until I go home. I’m like that with just about everything, I think – I make all these big plans and then I can’t wait until it’s all over. It is ridiculous.

I am trying not to do that this year. I am in the most beautiful place in the country, with a good crew, and the work is going reasonably well. I am trying to enjoy this now, and not just later when it is a fond memory.


Hittin’ the road!

I’m driving across the country tomorrow – well, at least across part of it – on my way to my field site. Fingers crossed for no grizzly bear encounters!

Is this what normal feels like?

I haven’t had seasonal allergies since I was about 13 – or at least I thought I haven’t had them – despite living in some cities with extremely high levels of allergens. My husband has crippling allergies, especially in the last place we lived, and has to take medication so he feels just sorta crappy, which is a vast improvement over how he feels without them.

This spring, here in our new city, I’ve been feeling a bit tired and rundown and headachy. Spouse was pretty sure it was allergies, but I wasn’t convinced. Finally, last night I took an Allegra for the first time.

Holy crap!! Is this what normal, not-sick people feel like every day? It’s fucking amazing! I woke up half an hour before the alarm went off this morning, happy and full of energy. I don’t even recognize myself.


This paper got accepted this morning, with no further revisions. Hooray! I’m especially pleased about this one because two undergrads who worked with me (one as an REU student, one as an intern) are co-authors, and I am very proud of them. A year ago right now, we were just getting started on the main experiment in the paper – for me, this is extremely fast turnaround.

Things have suddenly gotten busy here at the Center, as we are planning our annual Center conference and also our first meeting with our external advisory board. We also have a meeting with our funding agency in a couple of weeks… pretty stressful stuff, especially since people keep asking me for a schedule for the conference, which I can’t make until I get feedback from people who aren’t answering my emails!! Grr. I politely reminded them last week that I am leaving in two weeks for the field, and if they want my help planning this thing, they need to talk to me NOW, not later. I think I will have to send a less polite reminder out very soon.

In other news, I rediscovered a pair of shoes that I haven’t worn for at least five years. I’ve considered getting rid of them many times because I thought they weren’t my style, but today they seemed just right!