Research Week: the conclusion

It’s Friday! I am back in the office today and therefore making more progress. I played with my data this morning, and after ln-transforming the data (why, oh why, do I always forget about that), they finally make some sense. Hooray!

Today’s progress:

Minutes spent writing: 120 (I skipped the 30 minutes of crap writing today)

Words written: 484 (more time playing with data than actually writing)

Papers read: 2

And here are the final statistics of my progress during Research Week:

Minutes spent writing: 690

Words written: 12,405

Papers read: 10

Not too shabby. Can I keep this up during a regular week? Probably not. But I don’t see any reason why I can’t try to incorporate more of this into my daily work routine. Maybe reading one paper and spending 60 minutes of research writing a day (even if it’s broken into smaller chunks of time) is not unreasonable.

As spring break comes to an end, there are finally signs of spring around here. It’s sunny outside, and next week it’s supposed to warm up considerably. Oh, and here are today’s shoes, which I love (and not just because I got them for $26 on eBay):

I don’t know if it’s the weather, the shoes, or the research progress, but my ennui is just about gone.


One Comment on “Research Week: the conclusion”

  1. kiwi says:

    Good on you! sounds like you have managed all sorts of productive things. And its inspiring forme to feel I am trying to get ahold of my research alongside someone else out there. I managed to do my 2 expts, (except I have some more stuff to do on one of them) AND submit a paper, so it definitely works re upping the productivity. Yay for goalsetting.

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