Research Week, Day 1 Report

I set pretty ambitious goals for myself this week, and Day 1 went pretty well. Here are my goals:

  1. 2.5 hours per day on writing tasks, in 30 minute chunks. First 30 minutes when I first get up, the other 4 to occur as they fit throughout the day.
  2. Read 2 papers a day.
  3. Finish poster for next month’s conference.
  4. Make significant progress on a new manuscript – one for which I have all the data.
  5. Complete a small service-related writing task.

How’d I do yesterday? Very well! I started by being generous with my definition of “writing” in the first 30 minute block, and I used this time yesterday to write out these goals and map out my plan for the week. (This blog post is today’s first writing task – hey, it’s words, right?) I spent a full hour on the manuscript (much of which was cut and paste from an abandoned attempt back in December – but hey, gotta start somwhere), 30 minutes on the poster (nearly done!), and 30 minutes drafting the service-related writing task. Oh, and yes, I did read two papers.

Total minutes spent writing: 150.

Total words written: 3640.

Also, there is a newer project that I want to make some progress on, and it just so happened that my collaborator emailed me with questions about how to proceed with the bioinformatics analysis on that project. Lots of research getting done around here!

It’s still cold and miserable outside (but campus is empty and parking is easy), I had to spend $760 on car repairs yesterday (but the car is all better now), and I did wear the boring loafers again yesterday (but this time, it was part of a look – I also wore an argyle sweater and pearls), but I feel a bit better about making progress on the research front. Now, to repeat for the next four days…


One Comment on “Research Week, Day 1 Report”

  1. Katie says:

    I went back to my grad school recently for a business trip and realized I don’t miss research at all. It made me feel vaguely guilty but mostly grateful I found a path that seems to be working for me.

    I hope you get tons done this week on your rather aggressive list. 🙂

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