The week thus far

It’s lunchtime on Wednesday, which means the week is halfway over! What have I accomplished so far this week?

  • Attended 5 meetings
  • Written 92 emails
  • Received 106 emails (not including the ones I have deleted already)
  • Gotten 2 manuscripts to the brink of online submission (1 first author, 1 third author… can’t submit the first authored one until the one that I am third author on is submitted – argh!)
  • Booked a hotel to visit some collaborators in a couple of weeks… paying out of pocket
  • Successfully prevented a budget-related misunderstanding
  • Made several (largely unsuccessful) attempts to solicit information and feedback from faculty
  • Reviewed applications for two open positions, although I’m not technically on either search committee (but my feedback is “valuable”)
  • Submitted an evaluation of an article to an online resource that does such things
  • Asked the IT guy to post at least 3 things on the website, none of which have been posted
  • Started 2 work-related wikis… but everyone is suspicious of them because the SSL certificate is weird
  • Worked on planning 2 future events… and miles to go
  • Completed 4 online training sessions… see earlier post
  • Been asked at least 15 questions I couldn’t answer

Is it Friday yet?


2 Comments on “The week thus far”

  1. Belle says:

    You can go home for the week if you’ve cleared your desk!

  2. Ha. I didn’t list all the things that have been ADDED to the to-do list over the last three days!

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