Online training – seriously?

My university is getting ready to go live on a new online financial and human resources system. They have set up a whole mess of training: online self-paced training, webinars, and face-to-face instruction. In theory, this is a very good idea, and should avoid disasters when the new system goes live.

In practice, however…

Based on my administrative roles, I am required to do some of this training myself – about 35 “courses.” I have already done several of the self-paced online sessions, which were painful (“The Main Menu tab takes you to the Main Menu”) but at least I could zoom through them quickly. Now I am starting to do some of the webinars (and fortunately, I can just watch previously recorded sessions). I thought that the webinars would be more advanced somehow… but it’s really just a person reading a powerpoint.

And the powerpoints themselves – ouch. Here is some actual text from one of them:

E‐doc is short for “electronic document.”

The e‐doc has fields you fill in, but on a computer, not with a pen or pencil. The computer checks what you enter against rules.

Surely my time would be better spent doing something else.


One Comment on “Online training – seriously?”

  1. Belle says:

    Sadly, this level of training is needed for too many. One of my dinosaurs has to be introduced to an on switch. For him, these sad examples are pushing his envelopes.

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